About Sir Gawain’s World

Image of Michael Smith, author of Sir Gawain's WorldHaving passed through a time warp and unable to return, Sir Gawain re-acquaints himself with the Britain he once knew and writes in the alliterative style he helped make famous…

Sir Gawain’s World is a journey through mediaeval Britain. Astride his strusty steed, le Gringalet (a 1958 Francis Barnett motorcycle), Sir Gawain follows the quiet paths and hollow ways to some of Britain’s secret gems.

Join Sir Gawain on his journey and share with him some of this country’s most intimate history – and do feel free to comment and to share your own experiences of this magical country too…

About the author…

Sir Gawain’s World is written by Michael Smith, a graduate in history from the University of York and originally from the Lancashire/Cheshire borders, home of the original author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Prints and cards: You can also view Michael’s prints and greetings cards for sale at his site, www.mythicalbritain.co.uk

New: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (translated by Michael Smith)

arthur gawain plus green knightMichael’s new translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was published in 2018 by Unbound.

Richly illustrated with his own linocut prints, the book is available from all good bookshops, online, or signed copies direct from the author at www.mythicalbritain.co.uk

Coming! King Arthur’s Death; be a named Patron with your name printed in the back! 

arthur hardback pledgeMichael has been commissioned by Unbound to translate King Arthur’s Death, the Alliterative Morte Arthure, a magnificent fourteenth century poem second only to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the alliterative canon!

Like his translation of Sir Gawain, the book will be richly illustrated throughout with linocut prints produced by the author.

To learn more and to pledge support and secure your own copy (with your name in the back – or the name of a friend or loved one), please visit: www.unbound.com/books/king-arthurs-death



All the content on this blog is copyright of the author. (c) MTA Smith 2019, all rights reserved.




2 responses to “About Sir Gawain’s World

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  2. Ah. I have found another romanticist without his head in the clouds. A rare breed and one to keep tabs on. I was looking for anything on Hertfordshire and here we are- Sir Gawain. I’m honored AND humbled. I’ll be back… to check out your info on Welsh history.
    Cheers ! Evelyn, The Castle Lady

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