About Sir Gawain’s World

Image of Michael Smith, author of Sir Gawain's WorldHaving passed through a time warp and unable to return, Sir Gawain re-acquaints himself with the Britain he once knew and writes in the alliterative style he helped make famous…

Sir Gawain’s World is a journey through mediaeval Britain. Astride his trusty steed, Gringalet (a 1958 Francis Barnett motorcycle), Sir Gawain follows the quiet paths and hollow ways to some of Britain’s secret gems.

Join Sir Gawain on his journey and share with him some of this country’s most intimate history – and do feel free to comment and to share your own experiences of this magical country too…

About the author…

Sir Gawain’s World is written by Michael Smith. Michael heralds from the Lancashire/Cheshire borders and has a life-long interest in medieval history, literature and architecture. Currently a PhD research student at the University of York, he also holds an MA in Medieval Literature and Languages and a BA in History from the same university. 

Published books:

Michael’s first book, an illustrated translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was published in 2018, followed by the 14th Century Alliterative Morte Arthure published in February 2021. He is currently translating the early alliterative masterpiece William and the Werewolf (William of Palerne).  you can support the book – and have your name printed in the back as a patron – here

Prints, books and cards: Michael’s original linocut prints, (personally dedicated) books and greetings cards are for sale at his site, www.mythicalbritain.co.uk

All the content on this blog is copyright of the author. (c) MTA Smith 2023, all rights reserved.

About Gringalet

Francis Barnett Falcon 81

Gringalet is a 1958 Francis-Barnett Falcon 81. Made in Coventry and featuring a 197cc Villiers 10e two stroke motor, the motorcycle is capable of nearly 60mph with a following wind. Hardly one for the motorways, the Francis-Barnett is most at home touring the back lanes and byways of Britain, ambling along in search of earthworks, old castles and churches.


  1. Ah. I have found another romanticist without his head in the clouds. A rare breed and one to keep tabs on. I was looking for anything on Hertfordshire and here we are- Sir Gawain. I’m honored AND humbled. I’ll be back… to check out your info on Welsh history.
    Cheers ! Evelyn, The Castle Lady

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